It all started as a hobby. Just to inspire other girls.

Fashion Attacks is created by Anita. Me! 

Well hello! My name is Anita and I'm a 24 years old freelance graphic designer from Amsterdam. Most of the time you hear that people always had a passion for fashion when they were young. Dressing up, making clothes on your own and wearing the latest trends. For me it was a little bit different. When I was younger I couldn't stop painting, drawing and I loved to grab my moms make-up. I didn't really had a feeling for fashion, although my style was not that bad. Thanks to my mom.

When I finished my high school and started to study for graphic designer I discovered different styles of clothing. All types of people were on school from gothic too hippie and the people who were just living there life. At that point I realized that I liked to dress up a little bit differently than usual people and started to search more on the Internet about fashion.

Before I started with Fashion Attacks I followed some Dutch bloggers and I really liked what they were doing. They inspired me everyday! A few months later I started my own fashion blog. Now Fashion Attacks exist 4 years. It all started as a hobby, just to inspire other girls and to create their own look. It became something that I'm really proud of! On Fashion Attacks you see outfit, inspiration, trend and lifestyle posts.

In these 4 years that I post outfit and inspiration posts I collaborated with many brands that I love. For example IvyRevel, Daniel Wellington, Sacha, The Sting, Rad.co, Pauls Boutique London and many more. At the moment I'm a Nelson Ambassador, I tell about the new shoe trends and post outfits for inspiration!

At the moment I study communication at the University of Amsterdam. It all happened because of Fashion Attacks. It fascinates me how the Internet and media grows, how all the social media channels work and how online influencers can be such a big part of it. I know how it works from my side, but I was more curious how it would be from the other side. That's why this study is the right thing for me and I can't wait for my future plans. 

Would you love to be in contact for collaboration or other media related questions? Contact me by this email address fashion-attacks[@]hotmail.com 


- In 2012 I started Fashion Attacks
- In 2014 I graduated as a graphic designer. In the four years of my study for graphic designer I've been an intern at Gemini Design and Samo Media. 
- In 2015 I started at the University of Amsterdam, media information and communication. In 2016/2017 I've been an intern at Bold Labels.
- May 2017 Fashion Attacks is part of my brand Anita Heath

For more biography about me check my LinkedIn!