Thursday, March 02, 2017

Well hello March! Time flies and it feels that when I'm getting older it even goes faster. The only positive thing about it is that spring will be here soon. Today on the blog I'm wearing a warm outfit. A polka dot pants, with YES silver dots. It's amazing, but the pants is a little bit thin so I can't wear it when it's freezing. The day I was wearing this outfit, the temperature was warm enough but boy oh boy. There was rain all day! My day felt much better because of the outfit. Wearing this amazing pants, my old biker jacket with colors and stars and my new coat by Minimum. What do you think of this look? Usually I'm more minimalistic, but oh I kind of really like the items I combined together.

I'm wearing: Minimum coat & trouser - H&M t-shirt, beanie - DIY leather bag - Barracuda boots

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