Sunday, July 03, 2016

Usually I don't test beauty stuff. Although I really like make-up and new face products, Fashion Attacks is just more about fashion. But today I made a exception, cause this mask is so much fun! That sounds weird, but come on. It's black and you have to peel it off! I was so excited about it. 

Since I know about black spots, I want them to disappear. And that's also something that this face mask from Maybeauty is telling. They send a few masks to me, so sweet, so let's try! 
It's a really easy mask, but you still need to take your time. You have to apply it on your face and have to wait for 30-45 minutes till it's dry. Super easy! Then you only have to peel it off, thought that it would be fun. But it still hurts when you have a little bit of fluff hair on you face. 

The end result of the mask: my face feels super clean, the only thing is that parts of my face are still for a few hours red. There is still make-up, but when you have a mask like this one you want to keep your face clean. At least, that's what I want :) 

Now you can try this mask too! With this discount code fashionattackmask30 you get 30% off. Enjoy babes and hope you all like this post. Happy Sunday! 

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  1. Ik zie het vaak voorbij komen, wil het ook een keer proberen :)