Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fashion Attacks beauty Sally Hansen nail polish

Fashion Attacks beauty Sally Hansen nail polishI've always been a fan of nail polish, a box full with every color of the rainbow (ok almost!). Since I work in an espresso-bar I can't wear it anymore. The first weeks I missed something, feeling naked! And with my work one after the other nail broke down. Welcome to the short nails club! But now when I have my holiday I can wear nail polish again, whoohoo, like really it feels so good. Now I also wanted to grow my nails back. Did a little search on the interwebs and came to the conclusion that I needed a polish from Sally Hansen. Miracle gel, without a light! Sounds good to me and look at my nails. Been 5 days ago! What do you think? And did you already knew Sally Hansen? Let me know! 

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  1. Wauw, je nagels zien er heel goed uit!

  2. Heel mooi natuurlijk kleurtje! Ik zelf zou ook nog wel een lakje van Sally Hansen willen hebben, want heb er veel goede dingen over gehoord!