Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fashion Attacks inspiration lace up ballerina

Fashion Attacks inspiration lace up ballerina
Oh I'm so not sure about this upcoming summer trend. A lace up heel is pretty though. But the lace up ballerina... The big bloggers, like Sincerely jules, are wearing it and it will be a new summer trend I guess. Asked a few bloggers and they were enthusiastic about it! Me? I'm still not sure. Of course I have to get used to it, but for me it looks so flat (let's not talk about the pointy toe). How do you think about this shoe... Yay or nay? Can you convince me that I really need to add this item to my wardrobe?

Source: Something Navy - Sincerely Jules

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  1. Hm, ik ben ook niet meteen helemaal overtuigd. Misschien nog even aan wennen. ;-)

  2. In my opinion they are pretty but will not fit everyone! Regarding myself I would not wear them because my feet are too flat and it would look weird, but I think on you it will be fine. :)

    Maë -

    1. I agree with you! It also depends on the design of the shoes, I guess. I tried on a pair a couple of months ago and the fit was awkward but I tried a different pair from a different brand and the fit was perfect. Personally, I'm really excited about this trend because as a ballerina, I'd love to wear ballet-esque shoes all day long! Without the pain of balancing all my weight on my toes that is, haha!

      Sartorial Noir

  3. Oeh, nay :/ I really dislike seeing the base of the toes like that. And as you said, that pointyness, meh :/

  4. I think these are great!! already have 3 pairs and I love it :)
    Hello from