Friday, May 15, 2015

Fashion Attacks inspiration Pinned by K shoe accessoires

Fashion Attacks inspiration Pinned by K shoe accessoires

Few days ago I placed an order and from what kind of item. I saw these photo's at the Facebook page from Fashionchick from their Pop up store. Sadly I couldn't be there too. But what I wanted to say is that I saw these shoe items! Sort of fringes for your shoes, and I'm a fringe addict let me tell you that. This super fashionable shoe accessoires are from Pinned by K. 

"PiNNED by K is a leather trademark that develops accessories for your shoes. PIN stands for “personal identification number”, as your pin number. Design of PiNNED by K is personal and unique. Personally, because it is your own shoe accessory, unique because there is only one of them. In addition, the word PiNNED means to pin down. You pint this DIY fringe on your shoe. Your shoe will be personal and special because of a unique accessory."

I'm such a fan and I really had to share it with you all! Placed an order and I can't wait to show it in an outfit post. What do you think of these shoe accessoires?

Photography: @melodylieftink

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  1. Heel leuk! Ik had ook zo iets bij boohoo gezien :)


  2. Wat een leuke uitvinding !! :D Vooral die met de studs op!

    love, Turn it inside out