Friday, May 01, 2015

Fashion Attacks Happy 3 year blog anniversary I Spy Diy

It's the first of May, it wasn't really a big deal for me. Just a new month (please be good to me) and my life goes further. But suddenly when I thought about the first of May my 'blog anniversary' popped up in my head! Fashion Attacks, my baby, my hobby, my everything it's her birthday. Her 3 year anniversary! Whoohoo. It went so fast, and even though I did not had a chance to take a photo from myself with a cupcake (wanted to steal one from my work, but it didn't want to lose my job!) (and I couldn't find a damn candle) or a big balloon, I wanted to post about it and to celebrate it a little bit with you. Because where should I be with Fashion Attacks without you all, my dear and beautiful lovely readers. I don't know!? You read my blog, or watch my photos (that my lovely mom always take) and comment with the most funniest and honest comments. I'm so happy with you all and where I am with Fashion Attacks. Thank you all so so so much! I hope to blog for many more years of course! And keep reading it :) Thank you.

Happy Friday! 

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  1. Wat leuk! Gefeliciteerd!

  2. Jee, gefeliciteerd met je blog verjaardag! :D

  3. Gefeliciteerd and keep up THE good Work.

  4. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Fashion Attacks! Cheers for more anniversaries to come =)