Friday, April 17, 2015

Fashion Attacks new Invito Chanel look a like sneakers

As some of us follow the fashion trends, you may know the Chanel sneakers. At first look they were different, not really my thing, and I needed a sort of time to get used to them. The time has come and now I really feel the 'hype'. Let's do this! I wanted a pair too! Of course. Still working my tiny ass off for a pair, but I came to the conclusion that it won't work. Come on it's Chanel. So when I saw a pair of good look a likes I knew I needed them. White with a little bit of silver, super shiny! I totally love them. Even though they are look a likes (not really a fan of that). Now I want to know what you think of the sneakers? Do or don't, or do you like it but not for yourself? I've got that a looooot. Your opinion is welcome! Happy Friday.

Invito sneakers

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  1. Love the shoes!

  2. I thought sneakers are great! When they first became a hype, I was extremely happy. It's great for travelling and daily wear too =)

  3. I love those sneakers! I have a pair of black Nikes and I wear them all the time